Our Services

Outsourcing Services

We manage a remote team in Kochi, India that provides the full spectrum of back office services, ranging from custom technology solutions to scalable business support services. The remote team fully integrates into your company’s operations and provides a low-cost alternative to scaling your corporate infrastructure locally. Learn more about our remote team and their broad range of capabilities.

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Data and Analytics

We combine an in-depth understanding of your business with proven technical expertise to tackle your most complex data needs. Our founder has over 15 years of experience working with businesses to scale their data capabilities ranging from analytics and data warehousing to machine learning. Learn more about Aptin’s unique data and analytics capabilities.

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Business Development and Contracting Support

Small businesses rely on systematic approaches to business development and contract management. Our U.S. team helps businesses grow their business development capabilities, manage complex contracts, and set up teaming arrangements for strategic growth. Our senior executives have 15+ years of experience each in managing contracts and have grown business development functions with our clients. Learn more about our business development and contracting support.

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